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I wrote my first novel, Smudge's Mark, in a closet. No joke.
Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The excitement is mounting...

I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the final proof of Smudge's Mark to land in my inbox. My editor, Kallie, informed me that I'd be receiving it mid-week. I can't wait to see it! Then, it's off to the printer.

It's been three long years... and that's only counting the days since I signed my contract. It took me about six years to finish the manuscript. Wow. Nine years in the making. I've got a few more wrinkles and gray hairs since I started, that's for sure.

I'm just glad the book will make it to my hands before the grandkids do!


Zaniac said...


Funny about the grankids.


Zaniac said...

Oh, this is quick. I've had problems with unzipping the templates cuz I can tell this might be a zip file and usually lose on how to make it a template.

Claudia said...

On my computer I just click once on the zipped file and on the toolbar it says "unzip all files". I click that and it unzips and then I save it. Not sure if that's how yours will work. Good luck!

Zaniac said...

Thanks for your help.

What computer do you have?

My computer, Compac is powered by Windows XP.

Claudia said...

Windows Vista - maybe that's why... did it work for you?

Zaniac said...

No, and maybe my computer is a little older..maybe ti doesn't know how to do it. but i mean, it has this thing to publish into the web, but it just leads you to MSN Groups that don't even exist any more!

I think I'll have to delete it. Gosh,and it looked good too.

Claudia said...

*sad face*
Maybe you can find another one...
Have a great rest of the day!

Zaniac said...


thanks again.

and i bet this time you've had a bunch of comments!

O'LEARY said...

Hey Claudia, Just think how nice it will be to have both the book and the grand-kids together!
Congratulations - looking forward to reading the book.