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I wrote my first novel, Smudge's Mark, in a closet. No joke.
Monday, September 28, 2009

Just a Little Rant

Is it just me, or do you expect something to improve when you get it updated?

I just downloaded the updated Twitter/Tweetdeck thingamabob thing and now I can't get my Facebook feed thru there anymore. Looks like a dumb update to me.

And when I went and updated my Google search dohickey jobby thing, weird messages kept popping up and the features were limited and kept cutting out on me.

And when I updated Skype, my regular computer functions wouldn't work properly anymore!

Not to mention all the times they've updated Yahoo and Facebook - total, annoying confusion.

Updating is so overrated.

Except, of course, when you're talking about hair.

But, even there, my hairdresser went and updated her career and left the salon - without updating her address book with my phone number! (Sandy, if you're out there, PLEASE call me!)

So, yeah. Down with updating. If it ain't broke, don't wreck it.
Monday, September 21, 2009

Many Thanks

I just wanted to send out another big THANK YOU! to everyone.

Over the last while, I have opened many emails, blog/FB/Goodreads/twitter messages, and hand-written notes that are full of support, encouragement, and congratulations. And each one of those notes has made me smile and think to myself how lucky I am to have so many people in my life - people from all over and in so many different capacities.

Thanks so much for your heartfelt words. And thanks to those of you who have taken the time out of your busy lives to read Smudge. I am truly grateful.

*hugs and high-fives*
Saturday, September 19, 2009

Book Launch

It's Saturday. Finally a chance to take a breather and post some pics of Smudge's launch. It was a great night full of fun and prizes.

A "lucky" winner!

Winner of Gemma's Key necklace.

Winner of Tessa's Thesaurus! (lucky girl!)

Grampa's sketchbook and twencil prize.

And who wouldn't want to win Griselda's feather boa??

Thanks for helping me celebrate Smudge!
Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If only t-shirts could sing like Bono

Oh yeah, *nodding* I get a t-shirt.

So, as many of you know, my book launch is tomorrow night. As many of you also know, I have tickets to see U2 tomorrow night.


So my husband went downtown this afternoon to see if he could scalp them. And he took my middle son with him.

Was really hoping they wouldn't get arrested. Especially the middle son. He's too young to have a permanent record.

Anyway, as it turns out newbie scalpers have some pretty stiff competition when it comes down to wheelin' and dealin' on the pavement, so he wasn't able to sell the tickets on the street. But word has it he was able to sell them on Facebook.

And, lucky him and middle son, they were able to get general admission tickets at the door for tonight's show.

So, like I was saying: Oh yeah, *nodding* I get a t-shirt.
Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Smudge!

So, in honor of the world not ending today at 09:09:09 09/09/09, here's my first official interview posted - on Smudge's official birthday - by Elisa Nader.

Happy Birthday, Smudge!
Monday, September 7, 2009

I finally got an answer!

My latest twitter update:

So what if my dreams don't give me plot solutions - this morning I discovered that my husband's do. Sah-weet!

Wow, eh? Who'da thunk it?? So, it's no wonder the last time I asked my dreams to reveal a way out of my plot hole I got the answer "42". I was looking to the wrong twisted mind for answers! (Although no one should be surprised if circusy or Amadeusy types show up in my next book. But, sorry Lambert fans, Adam won't be making an appearance. See previous blog post if the above statements confuse you.)

Anyway, a completely unrelated, bizarro dream my husband had about some people we know just BAM! Wrote the rest of my book for me. (Well, not exactly. It'll take a few months to make the basic idea fit the book and carry the story forward with actual words typed into the document, but you know what I mean.)

And he's not even going to charge me a cent to use it. Oh happy day!

Now I just have to find the time to get it done.
Sunday, September 6, 2009

Me and Adam. And other news.

Yesterday I read one of the most page-turning books I've read in a loooooong time. It's called CRANK by Ellen Hopkins. I bought it in the morning and finished it by midnight. Granted, the text isn't dense by any means - it's written in a very creative poetic form - but still, I couldn't let it go. I had to finish it.

The problem with reading that book in one day was this: one of the character's names was Adam. And reading that name over and over throughout the day must have messed with my sub-conscious because last night I ended up having a dream about Adam Lambert! He wanted to hang out with me. So, he put his arm around me and we started walking. We walked and talked (about what, exactly, I'm not sure) until we ended up in church. In church! You should have seen the looks I got from some of the old ladies! Anyway, as we were sitting there, still talking about the good Lord knows what, I noticed that some of the people who were coming to church were dressed, well, very strangely - like they were either circus performers or had mistaken the church for the set of Amadeus. Anyway, Adam soon noticed these people, too. And when he did he turned to me and said, "Now, if I knew church was going to be like this, I'd have worn my costume too!" And that was it. I woke up.

No more binge reading for me.

In other news... I'm having a Q&A chat over at Goodreads. Stop by and help me get this discussion started!
Friday, September 4, 2009

A lazy re-post

Today's my day off, so as for a "real" post, I've decided to steal my own review of SMUDGE'S MARK as I wrote it on my Goodreads profile. Lazy, yes. But it's my birthday!! :p

What I learned: (from writing SMUDGE'S MARK)

1) Writing a book is no party at the beach. Unless, of course, you're attacked by sharks, step on a jellyfish, get a sunburn, and fall into the bonfire.

2) Editors are the ones who tell you that the waters are safe and to dive right in; tell you that no, silly, that only LOOKS dangerous, feel it with your toes - it's squishy; make the wooden lounge chair with slats for a seat look inviting and assure you that you're not the kind of person who has to worry about protecting yourself with sunblock; and convince you that you could totally clear that fire if you just take a good running start and picture a perfect landing.

3) Editors are also the ones who, when you buy into their confidence in you and take their advice, are there for you with all the surgery, anti-biotics, aloe vera, and polysporin you need to fully recover. You then believe they have been sent to you by God himself. (Which, by the way, they have been)

4) Readers make the whole terrifying, nerve-wracking, painful, yet oh so strangely satisfying experience totally worthwhile.

5) I'm so ready to repeat the above. Many times

A birthday kind of day

Today's my birthday. And I'm taking the day to relax while surrounding myself with some of my favorite things:

--> my backyard
--> coffee
--> a Grandma's Kitchen candle
--> a good book to read
--> sushi

Yay birthdays!
Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Book Giveaway!

I'm having a SMUDGE'S MARK book giveaway over at Goodreads. It's open to US and Canadian residents and ends on Sept. 17th, 2009. Check it out. (And explore the site while you're at it. It's a great place to find info about the books and authors you love.)

Happy September

Ahhh... September!

I love September. I'm an autumn kind of girl so September and October are my favorite months. I love the way the air smells. I love the way the leaves change color. I love the slight chill in the air. September 1st always arouses a sense of anticipation in me.

Maybe it's because I'm a teacher and September is always packed full of new things and firsts. Maybe it's because my birthday is in the beginning of September and for me it's the start of a whole new year which means new possibilities and the chance of potentials being realized.

And this year in particular I think it's because it's not only my birthday this month, but also Smudge's birthday. Five days after my birthday I'll officially be celebrating the birth of my firstborn book. And then eight days after that I'll be celebrating it's official launch into the world.

Wow. Happy September!