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I wrote my first novel, Smudge's Mark, in a closet. No joke.
Friday, May 22, 2009

are you pre-, mid-, or post-?

I remember, years ago, listening in on conversations that dealt with pre-, mid-, and post-. These conversations revolved around people's opinions on when Jesus was going to return to earth: pre-tribulation, mid-trib, or post-trib. I never really saw the point of these conversations because I thought, really, Jesus will come when he darn well wants to.

Today, (on twitter, of course) I discovered another kind of post- thing concept. It's called post-publication depression. Never heard of it before. But it got me thinking...

Post-publication depression. What triggers that? Maybe the high wave you ride of the excitement of publication followed by the sudden low of... nothing after that. Yeah, I can see that. Good to be made aware.

Then the faint memory of the conversations of my past got me thinking some more...

How about pre-, and even mid-publication depression? Actually, I've had those! And what were the triggers?

My own thoughts.

Pre-pub depression: "This will never get published." "Why would I even venture to think that anyone would want to read this book?" "I'm a nobody" "Maybe I should just forget about it and stick to my day job!"

Mid-pub depression: "Why do I have so many edits? See! I knew it! I'm really not a good writer after all!" "Gak! People are going to read my book! What if they think it sucks?" "Why is this taking so long?" "What if no one buys it?"

Not looking forward to the post-pub thoughts.

Anyway, after my moment of introspection, (I just taught that word to my ESL students yesterday during a lesson on the root word "spect" so it's fresh on my tongue) I realized that no matter how much I think or worry or plan, what will be will be. My inner-monologues during pre-, mid-, or post- make no difference to what will actually happen in the end, or what is happening in the here and now. All I do is waste precious moments being consumed by what I think MIGHT happen. And those thoughts could potentially paralyze me into doing nothing at all. Yikes!

So, I guess I'm pre-, mid-, AND post-. Before, during, and after.

And yeah, come to think of it, "publication" and "tribulation" could very well be synonymous. And Jesus can show up anytime he darn well wants to.
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I've become a social media junkie!

Good morning! Especially all you JacketFlap readers!

I got an email just now telling me that this blog is featured on the JacketFlap Blog Reader. Would love to hear from some of my readers about who they are and whether or not they're bloggers or on twitter as well.

This social media thing is pretty cool... thru twitter, I've "chatted" it up with some really kind and interesting people. People from literally all over the world. People I'd never have had the chance to "meet" had it not been for such venues. If there is a down-side to it all, though, it's that the "chatting" and "meeting" aren't face-to-face. And, of course, there's always that element of caution because of all the stuff that's on the news that makes you feel like there's a criminal lurking behind every bush, fire hydrant, and web-link. And yeah, you do have to be careful...

But, there still are a lot of good people in the world and you can gain a lot of insights and points of view from blogs and the miriad of re-tweets and direct messages and replies that are found on the twittering system. And just like in real life, you can choose your friends. Even if your interactions with these people are at a distance.

And I really enjoy reading a good blog entry. One that makes me laugh, or think, or just say "What the heck was that all about??" Whether thru media or face-to-face, connecting with people is always a good thing. And just think, if you ever really meet a person you've previously "meet" via internet, then you'll already be ahead of the game in terms of your relationship. (and then you can truly see if that person is as great as you imagined them to be! Or not...)

So, as you plunge into your day of duties, responsibilities, ups, and downs, see who you can meet (or "meet") for the first time today and expand your world.
Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh, what a night

No, I don't usually post at night, but I just had to tonight.

First, there I am this evening, writing away, next to my open window enjoying the fresh breeze, when someone stops their car and throws up in front of my house!

Strike one.

Next, I go downstairs to discover that our dog has quite literally decided to eat my son's history project that's due tomorrow morning.

Strike two.

Finally, I go into the kitchen to straighten up a bit before bed and step into a puddle on the floor. No, it's not the dog this time. Our freezer's leaking.

Strike three.

I'm out.
Wednesday, May 6, 2009

so, what's been happening?

Wow... haven't been here in a while. No excuses...

But, besides starting a Live Journal that will follow my (almost) daily experiences of writing my second book, lots of things have been happening. And I have found out some interesting info in the last few days... not sure if I can share all of it yet, or not. So I'll wait on some of it. But I can tell you that Smudge's Mark is currently at the printer and I'm expecting to get a box full of my own personal copies within the next couple of weeks!

I can also tell you that twice in the past week, Smudge's Mark has made the 2,000's in the Amazon sales ranking - one of those times putting Smudge into the #91 place in the children's fantasy category. I was so stunned, I took pictures! (In the second picture, can you tell who I was just ahead of?)

And the cover image still isn't even up!:)
Well, those lovely freeze-frames lasted all of an hour and as far as what Amazon sales ranking really means in the over-all grand scheme of the success of a book... who knows? But whatever it means, when you consider that there are about 6 million books on the Amazon list, making the 2,000's before your book is even released is a feat of the supernatural kind! (Well, the fact that my awesome publisher submitted my book to the Association of Canadian Publishers and it was chosen and highlighted as one of the "best new children's and young adults titles for spring" probably had something to do with it, too!:))

As the pub. date of Smudge's Mark approaches, my excitement level is mounting! I can't even begin to imagine what it will feel like to crack open that first box of books! Sa-weet! I'll be sure to let you know.