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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Great American ALA Tour Part 3

I'm pooped! So there will be few words.

About one eighth of the exhibition hall. Our booth was somewhere in the top left side of the pic. Actually, it was probably just left of the first "S" in Scholastic.

My editor Kallie, me, and my mommy.

Me and a new wonderful friend, Deborah Sloan. We met on Twitter a while back and finally met in real life tonight at the ALA Tweetup that she and Mitali Perkins organized. At the tweetup, there were about 200 people - all Twitter tweeps - who were chatting it up face to face. So cool to meet people who you only know by Twitter name and a small avatar photo. Very awesome.

The books I got for free. Yes, for free.

Me signing copy number 183 of 300. (no, actually I have no idea what number that one was.) It was quite a rush signing and talking to passersby. The time flew and I had a great time. I could have gone on for longer!
I'll post a wrap-up when I can think straight. There's so much to process.
Like I said, few words.
You're welcome. :)


Miss Dormer said...

Looks like you are really enjoying yourself!
That must have been a very cool expierence- and yay for free books!