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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Great American ALA Tour

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Albany N.Y. about to leave for Boston when I got the idea of blogging about my little adventure. So that's what I'm doing. :)

I left home yesterday morning, picked up my mom who's being both my navigator and faithful companion, and headed out on the road. Now, you must understand, I really don't enjoy driving. Ask my husband. Usually when we drive to Florida I'll drive oh, say, for about 2 hours. If he's lucky.

So, here I am in Albany. And I drove the whole way. And I'll drive the rest of the way, too - in total it'll be 800-and-something km and however many hours we've spent driving and taking pit stops. (And anyone who's travelled with me knows I need to take a lot of pit stops)

Anyway, We made it safely into the U.S. (why are border officers always so nasty? I've never done anything to them) and there wasn't any traffic the whole way to Albany. Awesome!

I love bridges so I took a few pics of a really great one we crossed. (But, um... I forget where it was. So let's say... it's the beautiful bridge at the border crossing that made up for the nasty man in the booth)
And then, of course, we got the munchies last night and decided to order a pizza. Yeah, well...
I put my phone beside it just to remember exactly how monstrous it was. And this was for TWO of us. Did we finish it? Um, let's just say it was really, really good and we did some substantial damage to it.
Anyway, mom's hungry again (??How is that possible??) and wants to go for breakfast. I'll check back in tonight after I do my first signing at the ALA conference. Eeep! I'm both excited and nervous.


Miss Dormer said...

Eee, so exciting!
Good luck, Claudia! I hope you enjoy yourself!