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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Better late than never. Or so they say.

It is now exactly 8:30 am. This is the time my son's first period class starts.

He's just taken his toast out of the toaster and is asking me where the peanut butter is.

Let's wait and see how late he'll be today... so far, this week's average is between 15-20 minutes.




So, anyway, we're leaving tomorrow morning for a much needed vacation. It'll be a 6 am start. (Good luck getting molasses legs up and out the door at that time!) But when it's vacation time and he can sleep in the car, the effort is worth it so much more.

The only problem is I haven't started packing yet. Seriously. And I have to work most of the day today. Welcome to my life...

And I wonder why my son's brushing his teeth fifteen minutes after his class has started. I guess procrastination is something you can inherit. At least I put boundaries on my procrastination. I detest lateness. I'll be ready to go at 6 am tomorrow morning come hell or high water.

Oh, the shoes and coat are on. It's 8:50. At least he's consistent.


O'LEARY said...

It seems to have been quite clearly proven that it's not productive to make teenagers start school early in the morning and yet we continue to do it. Like adolescence isn't hard enough already.