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I wrote my first novel, Smudge's Mark, in a closet. No joke.
Sunday, February 22, 2009

Publishing gods, American stamps, luck, and kissing quirks

Well, I've done it! It's in the mail. Got my American stamps this morning, printed off my submission, proofread it, and stuffed it all into a brown manilla envelope. I'll be making contact with the gods of publishing in N.Y. once again.

But I can't say I'll be hugging any rejection letters this time 'round!

Wish me luck! Especially since the stamps didn't come anywhere close to a winning slot-machine. The only thing these stamps touched was my lips. (I kiss my submissions before sending them off. What can I say? Everyone's got their quirks.)

Small 'g' gods, American stamps, luck, and kissing quirks; in the end it's all in the hands of the big 'G' God of the universe...


Zaniac said...

OMG, good luck to you. I wish you the best. Right now I want to publish, but I'm in block. Have any tips?

Anyways, good luck to you again.

Claudia said...

Hey Zaniac. Thanks, I'll need it!
I'm assuming you mean writer's block? I'd suggest spending your 'block' time reading lots to replenish your creativity. Read lots of what you like and lots in the genre you write. Also, spend some time doing something you like doing - whether it's related to writing or not. (preferably NOT related to writing) Sometimes stepping away from your work is just the thing you need. And don't put a time limit on yourself, unless you absolutely have to ie: if you have to meet a deadline. I know that the more I worry about feeling 'blocked', the worse it gets! So time away is really good then. But still read lots, always. Hope this helps!

Zaniac said...

It does. Thank you so much. Maybe I should eat some pudding. Ha ha. Not really. Well, maybe. Sometimes food or whatever can really replenish your mind just like you said.

Thanks again/