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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Twit, twit, twit!

So glad I'm not the only person who still uses the term "twit". In Neil Gaiman's latest blog post he uses that very word.

When I use the word "twit" - oh, say, like when someone cuts me off while they're merging into traffic and I've got the right of way, for instance - my kids look at me like I've grown an extra ear out of my forehead. "What did you call him?" they ask.

I bet no one who read Neil Gaiman's post said that. They probably just said, "Yeah, you're right. What a twit." Like I did.

Or, maybe they didn't. Maybe it's a generational thing. Maybe saying "twit" is like wearing leg-warmers, converse sneakers, and your pants tucked into your boots. Maybe saying "twit" won't be trendy til next month.

Maybe I'm just making a big deal about nothing.

Either way, I'm just glad I'm not the only person who still uses the term "twit".

And when I do hear a leg-warmer and converse-sneaker-wearing kid say it on the street, I'll just smile to myself, knowing that term is soooo yesterday.