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Monday, February 23, 2009

Thanks, Little Miss Deep Thoughts

I just read a posting from a friend of mine who blogs deep thoughts about life, and in it she made a statement that went something like this:

"I feel I'm either on the verge of death or a revolution."

Have you ever felt that way? Like you're being faced with a decision to either kill the idea that you can ever change something in your life, something that you know to be skewed, or somehow try to find the courage to take steps to completely revolutionize that thing so that it is unrecognizable - maybe even counter -to what you've always done, thought, or been?

I have. Many times. And I have chosen both options. But, in the end, the prefered result has always come by tackling the road to revolution. It's much harder work and often I find myself defaulting and retreating in defeat, telling myself it's easier to just surrender and let the issue in question die. Just forget it and be, do, and think what I've always been, done, and thought. That way I won't risk being misunderstood. Or judged. Or accused. Or worse. But then what? What happens if I don't act, if I don't take a stand and make a change? Right. Nothing.

But, when I (or you) initiate a revolution (I'm still speaking of a personal one, here, not against someone else!) then your potential and your reach expands exponentially. But there is a key; a very important key I still have to remind myself of, always: revolutions aren't meant to be fought, much less won, alone.

So thank you, Little Miss Deep Thoughts, for your posting. And may we all find that certain Someone to help us revolutionize our lives so we can be all we were designed to be.


mdb said...

So glad to not be alone
on the narrow road
of revolution.

Now. Where to start...